Dawn of Riften Skyrim Mod: A Prettier City and Stronger Thieves Guild (Video)

Dawn of Riften Skyrim mod overhauls the city

Are you an avid Skyrim fan, but think some of the cities in the game should be overhauled to make them look and play even better? Then you might want to download the new Dawn of Riften Skyrim mod as this mod overhauls the city of Riften to such an extent that the lifestyles of citizens and the crafts they ply are much more important to the entire city and, thus, the game.

As usual with the mods this modder (BluePianoTwo ) creates, the Dawn of Riften Skyrim mod makes the city look absolutely beautiful, everything in it is still lore-friendly, yet the additions he’s created are things many gamers will wonder why they weren’t put into the vanilla game in the first place as they really do make sense.

The Thieves Guild in particular has become even stronger and more important in Riften as a result of the mod, as new thieves ways are added and hatches are put into buildings so thieves have even better access.

You’ll also find a couple of new merchants, and a whole slew of additions that make the city look just that much prettier.

As always, you can download the Dawn of Riften Skyrim mod at SkyrimNexus.

Or, if you prefer your Riften to be a little prettier, why not check out the Riften — Thief Edition Skyrim mod instead. Now there’s a gritty city you’ll love.

Michelle Topham