Dax Shepard Had a Spike Haircut and Was a Math Whizz in High School (Video)

dax shepard side spike hair

If you’re a Dax Shepard fan, you will know Dax never disappoints. Not on any TV show or in any interview he gives. He is always funny, interesting and weird.

Case in point, Dax Shepard’s appearance on Conan last night, where he talked about seeing a man watching porn in his car, and about how he suddenly became so ‘cool’ in high school the girls finally liked him.

How did that coolness occur?

According to Dax, “From first to fifth grade, not a single girl liked me. I was terribly dyslexic, couldn’t read until fifth grade. I discovered I had a super power, I was great at geometry. Like in fifth grade. And then…when I went into sixth grade…my brother pulled me aside, he’s five years older, and said “This year, you’re going to have a side spike”.

So, Dax got a side spike (a spikey bit on his hair at the side) and he credits that with him becoming ‘cool’ and good in school.

Watch him tell it below. No lie.