Dax Shepard Tells Ellen He Has Kristen Bell’s Last Name Tattooed on His Finger — Sort Of (Video)

dax shepard bell tattoo kristen


Actor Dax Shepard was on Ellen this week, where he showed off a tattoo he’s had put on his wedding finger. That’s because, as he explained, he doesn’t like wearing jewelry, so had no interest in wearing a wedding ring. But he still wanted to make sure “all the men knew I was taken”.

So, luckily for Dax, his wife, Kristen Bell, has a last name that’s an actual object and that’s what he had tattooed on his wedding finger. A bell.


Kristen and Dax are also expecting their second child and, I’ve gotta say, after knowing what I know about these two, they must just be the most amazing parents already.

After all, they’re quirky, they’re odd (in a fabulously awesome way) and obviously head over heels in love with each other.

Plus, when you’re as funny as Kristen was when you’re confronted with a sloth, come on, life in their house must be fabulous.

Michelle Topham