Days Gone walkthrough proves ignore negative reviews as this survival horror is superb

Yet another action-adventure survival horror game released today. This time it is SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone. A survival horror game that is far far better than most of its negative reviews profess.

A game, I knew, just five minutes into the Days Gone walkthrough I began to watch on YouTube, I would be sticking with through to the bitter end.

After all, when you get a game that has voice acting this good, gorgeous graphics, exceptionally good zombie animations, an actual story that is both interesting and captivating, cool in-depth missions, superb weather systems, a stunningly beautiful Orgeon wilderness, and a hero that is likable — plus the fun feature of being able to ride a motorcycle through much of it — and I cannot think of a survival  horror game in recent times I have enjoyed more.


Weird too when you consider there are so many negative reviews of Days Gone on Metacritic.

Negative reviews you realize quickly were, for the most part, written by Xbox fanboys who have not played the game, or in many cases, even seen it being played.

Instead, they are just pissed off that Days Gone is a PlayStation exclusive, and so are trolling the Internet trashing SIE Bend Studio’s exceptional work because they themselves feel entitled.

Spoiled brats indeed.

In other words, ignore most of the predominantly negative reviews of Days Gone at Metacritic and other places, as you can tell by the lack of detail in them and the crazy hyperbole, those that wrote them are little more than trolls.


Instead, read this review from Paul Sullivan at Cog Connected.

Because, while he definitely notices the less-than-perfect aspects of the game, he also sees what is so wonderful about it. And is as enamoured of it as everyone I know that is currently playing it.

An exceptional Days Gone walkthrough

Now onto the Days Gone walkthrough I am currently partway through watching, and one I so completely and utterly recommend you watch too.

That Days Gone walkthrough is from one of the best YouTube playthrough gamers — MKIceandFire — and it is an enormous playthrough, with 12 videos uploaded for a total gameplay time of almost 12 hours so far, and a lot more to come.

On top of that, he has also uploaded a video of all four secret endings, and another video of the 16 hours of cut scenes in the game, plus all the possible endings. Yep, 16 hours.

In other words, when MKIceandFire finishes uploading his entire Days Gone walkthrough series, this one is going to take up hour upon hour of your time. But every hour of it will be massively worth it.

MKIceandFire’s walkthrough series was recorded in 1080p, HD and on the PlayStation 4 Pro.  As usual, it is commentary-free, which only adds to the game’s ability to pull you in, and keep you connected to the characters and the story.

Days Gone was developed by Bend, Oregon’s SIE Bend Studio, and published by Sony. It was directed by John Garvin and Jeff Ross, and was released on April 26th, 2019.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic open world, where you control the character Deacon St. John. He is a former drifter, who prefers doing his own thing in this new and very violent and brutal world, rather than kowtowing to those running the ‘wilderness encampments’.

You can pick it up on the PlayStation store in both original and Digital Deluxe versions.

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Michelle Topham