DayZ Livonia DLC angers fans more than makes them happy — don’t buy it is prevailing sentiment

Yesterday’s Bohemia Interactive announcement of a DayZ Livonia DLC is angering fans more than making them happy. At least if you look at many of the comments on the YouTube video trailer for the DLC, and on the Reddit topic.

After all, when the game still seems to be lacking zombies (in a zombie game no less!), the base building system is broken, vehicles rarely work and often fly, neither do helicopters, guns that used to be in the game have disappeared, fishing is still missing, oh and yes, this ‘new map’ looks an awful lot like Chernarus and…it seems to be the same map that was in the Arma 3 DLC a while ago — it’s no wonder people are upset.

Especially as it looks like the DayZ Livonia DLC is just Bohemia Interactive trying to milk more money out of fans, without bothering to fix what is currently broken in the game first.

Some of the DayZ fan comments include:

“I really hope they’re not gonna make us pay for this, especially when modders have made amazing maps already for free. Also looking at the state of the game its probably gonna be broken at launch” (xTatuZ123)

“Huge announcement” you reused a map from Arma 3 how is that a huge announcement you deranged fools”. (Sir Joey the White)

“You guys are taking advantage of the community. We know this is an Arma III map being sold back to us. We want to support you guys because we all love Dayz, but why does it feel like we are constantly getting the short end of the stick?” (Alex Kelly)

In other words, if the comments can be believed, it doesn’t look like the DayZ Livonia DLC will be much of a success for the developer, as the prevailing sentiment is “don’t buy it”.

The second official map for DayZ, Livonia, is coming soon to PC, Xbox and the PlayStation 4.

Whether you buy it or not, though, is another matter.

Michelle Topham