Death Stranding Director’s Cut Gamescom trailer showcases new online ranking system and loads of new additions

As I predicted yesterday, the Death Stranding Director’s Cut Gamescom trailer not only was featured towards the end of the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, it closed the show.

The gorgeous eight-minute-plus trailer recorded on the PS5 showed off the features that will be included in the upcoming Director’s Cut of the smash hit action game.

These include new items like the Evolved Stabilizers, which feature thrusters that reduce the landing impact when Sam jumps from high areas. That allows for short cuts to be taken that couldn’t have been taken before without serious injury or death.


Another item is the Cargo Catapult, which is similar to a cannon in that it can launch cargo over long distances. A parachute opens at its destination, allowing the cargo to arrive safely and more efficiently.


The Cargo Catapult will make cargo delivery faster and more efficient

The Buddy Bot is a robotic assistor (basically a pumped up pair of robotic legs) that not only allows Sam to carry far more cargo than before, it also carries Sam if he is tired or in areas that may make travel more dangerous.

This addition alone should help solve players’ complaints with how much of a slog the game can sometimes be.

A Firing Range in the basement of the facilities is where Sam can test weapons and level up his delivery skill set, and where he can take part in Ranked Drills (aka timed games within the game) to compete for the highest score.


Among the new weapons showing up in the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is the Maser Gun. That weapon is able to quickly stun enemies.


Boss battles can be fought as many times as you like in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Boss Battles are also able to be revisited over and over again, allowing Sam to improve both his skills and his reaction time.

Scores from all of these will be shared in a new online ranking system, allowing you to compete with millions of other Death Stranding players around the world (and yes, the game has sold more than 5 million copies so far — so it is millions of players).

Eight new music tracks have also been added, which Sam can listen to in the private room while he relaxes.

New Delivery Missions extend the story line in the Death Stranding Director’s Cut and include Sam heading into an underground facility that holds a secret.

If you’re really into seeing what Sam can do, Jump Ramps have also been added that allow him to not only leap over wide gaps but also perform some quite amazing tricks.

Finally, a new Race Track will allow you to compete against other players in a timed race featuring a variety of new vehicles. The winners’ names go high up on a leader board.

Watch the Death Stranding Director’s Cut Gamescom trailer below.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be out on PS5 on September 24th at a cost of $59.99. You can pre-order it now.

I’m guessing many players that already own the base game will be rushing off to grab this definitive version, as it looks damned stellar.


Michelle Topham