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Decomposition Skyrim Mod: Awesome Reality For All Your Dead Bodies (Video)

There’s a sub-set of gamers who want their Skyrim game to be as close to ‘reality’ as possible. These are the people who download something like the Decomposition Skyrim mod just released by modder Octodonk.

The Decomposition Skyrim mod does just as you might expect. It works on dead bodies, any dead bodies — people, animals, creatures — so that over time they begin to decompose. Just like a dead body would in real life.

Decomposition, however, doesn’t start until around 10 in-game hours have passed so, again, similar to what would happen if you killed someone or something in real life. A bit gruesome sure, but actually quite delicious.

With this mod, you do have the option to bury a body but, if you do, obviously you won’t be able to watch the decomposition effects at work. To be able to see them you just need to leave the body unburied and then come back to it every few hours. It will slowly go through changes, breaking down into bloody flesh and draining fluids until, eventually, you’ll be left with nothing but a skeleton.

The Decomposition Skyrim mod works on any body, except for those you have killed or someone else has killed before you installed the mod. They’ll just remain the same. Dead and very very fake-looking.

You can download the Decomposition Skyrim mod at Skyrim Nexus. And, for more on the mod and what it actually does, watch the excellent Brodual video below.

Personally, I think it’s incredibly cool.