Demi Lovato Rocks New Purple, Silver and Blue Hairstyle – Gorgeous (Photos)

demi lovato cute new hair color and style purple gray blue
Instagram – Demi Lovato

21-year-old singer Demi Lovato is rocking a new purple, silver and blue hairstyle this summer and it couldn’t be cuter. Instead of her rich, dark auburn look, Demi has instead chosen an up to date new style with what are obviously weaves of purple, silver and blue hair added onto her normal length. She’s then had her own long auburn bob streaked with the same three wild colors.

Of course, once her new hairstyle was done, Demi couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of us (don’t blame her, it’s awesome), so she posted a couple of photos on her Instagram page.

The top one shows Lovato looking a bit young Prince-like, with bright red nail polish and lipstick and dark, bold eyes, while the one below shows Demi mid-way through this dramatic transformation.


demi lovato hairstyle hairdresser
Instagram – Demi Lovato

Love it, love it, love it and a definite keeper for the summer I’d say.

Michelle Topham