Demon Slayer Makomo and Sabito Nendoroid figures are gorgeous — look!!!!

Oh my God, these are adorable and gorgeous.


The soon-to-be-released Demon Slayer Makomo, and Sabito Nendoroid figures that Good Smile just showed off on their Twitter account today.

Sabito and Makomo are fully painted, and are displayed on stands and with their respective masks.

Both of the figures are still in development, so there is a chance some things about them will change before the final products hit shelves.

That being said, both the Makomo and Sabito Nenderoid figures are already so close to the characters we knew in the popular Demon Slayer anime series, let’s hope not.

You can keep an eye on both of the Nenderoid figures, as well as check out and order other Demon Slayer Nenderoid figures, including the already announced Tanjiro Kamado Final Selection version and the third release of the original version of Tanjiro (already sold out) at Good Smile.

If you want to pre-order either the Makomo or Sabito Nenderoid figures or, of course, both, you will want to do it as soon as they become available as it is guaranteed these figures sell out in no time.

Michelle Topham