Denmark’s Too Young To Die ‘Forgive This Boy’ Reminiscent of 80’s Synthpop: Repeat Rotation Video

too young to die


Danish electronic duo Too Young To Die’s track ‘Forgive This Boy‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today because it’s such a great tribute to and reminiscent of 80’s synthpop — bands like Depeche Mode, Ultravox, and Spandau Ballet — a genre that has definitely been seeing a resurgence in recent years. The song is catchy, it has a great ‘feel’ and it’s cool to dance to.

Too Young To Die, by the way, is made up of Erwin Thomas and Troels Holdt. Troels plays synth and guitar, while Erwin is the lead singer, and I’m already thinking they’ve got a winning combination here. Just two songs released so far (you’ll find ‘Patrick Swayze‘ here), and both nice numbers.

Listen to their newest below. You can also play or download Too Young To Die’s ‘Forgive This Boy at a fair few sites if you’d like to listen to it over and over.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping there’s an album coming soon, as this duo is one to watch.


Michelle Topham