Desktop Dungeons Releases on GOG: Get Ready to Be Addicted (Video)

I’ve had my eye on Desktop Dungeons for ages but, as I won’t buy games on Steam, I decided to wait and see if the game would show up on GOG. Today, it did. Which is why I’m surprised you didn’t hear me screaming with joy all the way in Bangkok.

Desktop Dungeons, in case you don’t know, is a rogue-like role-playing puzzle game that you can play in short bursts – usually each game lasting no more than 10-15 minutes. A ‘coffee break game’ is what many people are calling it.

That’s because, while each new (and infinitely random) dungeon is as they say ‘winnable’, there are so many things you can do wrong, the games tend to end very quickly. Or, if you’re good at risk management and strategy, they’re easy to beat. Sort of.

While just dealing with the strategy aspect of the game alone is a challenge, and the game is incredibly deep with lots of advanced tricks to learn if you really want to beat it, it does have some fun stuff as well.

That’s because, along with the ‘just one more dungeon’ mentality you have to get over if you ever want to sleep, Desktop Dungeons also rewards you with unlockable character classes and bonus dungeons if you get it right.

Death and destruction, of course, if you don’t.

Developed by a 3-man development team, QCF Design, in South Africa, if friends who are currently playing it are anything to go by, Desktop Dungeons looks like it’s going to be my addiction for weeks to come.

Luckily, with Desktop Dungeons releasing on GOG, it also has a sale price for the first week (just $9.99 rather than its usual 15 bucks), so I won’t feel quite as bad when I keep getting my ass kicked.

Michelle Topham