Destined with You, Ep 16 ends drama with BEST rating yet

The Korean rom com Destined with You finally ended last night (sorry, I dropped it weeks ago, as the K-drama was really not my cup of tea/glass of soju (?)).

Interestingly, however, after only earning mediocre ratings for its entire run in South Korea, Destined with You, Episode 16 did manage to earn the drama’s highest rating yet as a higher number of viewers tuned in to see how it ends.

According to Nielsen Korea, Destined with You, Episode 16 earned 3.12 percent of the audience, which is a slight increase from Episode 15’s rating of 2.86 percent.

It is also only the second time in the drama’s 16-episode run that it was able to get over the 3.0 percent mark.

In Seoul, Destined with You, Episode 16 was not able to earn the drama’s personal best as that happened with Episode 14’s rating of 3.41 percent, but last night’s final episode did get over the 3.0 percent mark to hit 3.31 percent.

The nationwide rating also placed the drama in 5th place on cable TV for the day, with the Seoul rating causing it to hit the #4 spot.

Destined with You stars Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah, and aired every Wednesday and Thursday evening on JTBC.

Netflix is streaming the Korean rom com for international audiences where it is currently doing well as, last week, it was still on the platform’s Top 10 Non-English TV Shows at #7.

Let’s see if it manages to maintain that position, or improve it, when the new Netflix ratings come out earlier next week.


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