Did Mojang’s April Fool’s Day Prank 2014 Backfire? I Think So (Video)

For April 1st, 2014, Mojang decided to prank their gamers for April Fool’s Day as usual. But this year, instead of a harmless little joke that didn’t destroy Minecraft gamers’ ability to enjoy the game, they went one stop further and added the Element Animation mod pack. Now, every time you try to play Minecraft, all you get are those annoying Minecraft villagers making ‘sounds’ for everything you do.

You walk on grass, you hear “grass, grass, grass, grass”, you try to break blocks and you hear “stone, stone, stone, stone” or “break, break, break, break” and god forbid if you go near water as you can’t concentrate on anything for the villagers’ voices screaming “There’s water here. There’s water here.”

Plus, as a final insult, during Mojang’s April Fool’s Day prank, you can’t play Minecraft with your custom skin either as everyone has been turned into ‘villagers’ for the day.


So, did Mojang’s April Fool’s Day prank backfire this year? Honestly, from all the Minecraft players complaining about it on the Minecraft.net forums, as well as all the people that have apparently sent Notch tweets asking him to get the darned thing deleted, I’d have to say they did.

Sure, it’s funny to hear one of the villagers singing along to the music of Minecraft, and the first time you see a creeper explode and then hear “boom”, it’s hard not to giggle. But…..seriously, Mojang? More than 28 hours of this and still counting and with no way to turn the annoying sounds of, unless you download another resource pack and install it.

And no, I don’t mean to sound like a spoilsport as I enjoy a good prank like the best of them and I’m sure your hearts were in the right places when you decided to cause everyone’s Minecraft games to be invaded by villagers, but can I just say……..”Enough already?”

Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase. Moooooojaaaaaang. I’m getting a headache!



Michelle Topham