Dilara Kazimova ‘Start A Fire’ – Repeat Rotation Video: Beautiful and Haunting

azerbaijan eurovision song contest 2014 dilara Kasimova
Every time I think I’m over my obsession with Eurovision Song Contest 2014, I remember another song I absolutely adored in the competition and have to add it to my Today’s Repeat Rotation video before I forget.

Today’s Eurovision Song Contest 2014 song, and one I couldn’t believe ended up as low down in the final results as it did (22nd), is this lovely song from Azerbaijan’s Dilara Kazimova ‘Start a Fire’.

Start a Fire is very well staged (love the trapeze), beautifully sung and has such a heart-grabbing melody and lyrics, I’ve been playing it all day as my repeat rotation video and loving it more and more all the time.

The haunting musical instrument you hear in it is the balaban, a traditional Azerbaijani reed wind instrument.

Dilara Kazimova, by the way, is not only a singer she’s an actress as well. And, yes, she’s quite beautiful. Watch her below.