Disco the Incredible Talking Budgie Knows 130 Phrases (BBC Video)

disco the talking budgie


I once had a budgie (also known as a parakeet in America), but it never did talk. Disco, the incredible talking budgie that was on the BBC a few nights ago, however, knows more than 130 phrases and reels them off at will.

Disco, the talking budgie, was featured in the BBC 1 TV show “Pets – Wild at Heart this week, as proof of how much parakeets talk, and he really is adorable.

According to the commentator, wild parakeets mimic each other and have their own distinct calls, so for Disco to be mimicking what his owner says to him is just what nature intended. They also seem to have names for themselves, which may even mean a parakeet has a sense of its own identity.

Watch Disco, the talking budgie, on the BBC in the video below. Amazing, eh?

Michelle Topham