Divinity: Dragon Commander Multiplayer Gameplay Video: As Awesome (and Hot) as It Gets

Divinity: Dragon Commander multiplayer gameplay video – awesome

If you’re a multiplayer gamer, Divinity: Dragon Commander is a game you probably shouldn’t miss. Not sure if I’m right? Then just watch this 5-minute Divinity: Dragon Commander multiplayer gameplay video, and then tell me you don’t want to be able to do that.

Come on, dragons complete with jet-packs blasting each other with acid blasts and fire as hot as the depths of hell — who wouldn’t want to be involved in that? It’s more exciting than watching basketball, football or tennis, that’s for sure.

Where to buy Divinity: Dragon Commander

Plus, at only 40 bucks on GOG for a Divinity: Dragon Commander pre-order, and that includes two extra (and free) games (Master of Magic and Divine Divinity), plus a free upgrade to the Imperial Edition, which even features the game’s soundtrack and a gold dragon skin. Seriously? You don’t want a part of that? Yeah. Thought so.


The Divinity: Dragon Commander multiplayer gameplay, by the way, is just a small part of this amazing game. It also includes a huge single player campaign and boatloads of dragon combat.

Methinks Larian have outdone themselves this time. Agreed?


Michelle Topham