Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman Bigs Up ‘Sonic Shades’ – Sadly (Video)

doctor who sonic sunglasses

Actress Jenna Coleman, she of Doctor Who’s Clara, is apparently trying to big up the idea of the Doctor’s new ‘sonic shades’. At least if a video that has just gone up on YouTube is to be believed.


In it, Coleman rah rahs the Doctor’s sonic shades, season nine’s replacement of the sonic screwdriver, saying “We have a big new reveal and a huge change for the Doctor in season nine”. She then goes on to say “it’s pretty cool”.

Sadly, though, while the creators of the current season of Doctor Who seem to think the idea of sonic sunglasses was a good one, most fans obviously feel otherwise. And personally, I agree.

To me, the sunglasses are unoriginal, a little bit sad and, of course, a cliché. And, to some extent, it also kind of feels like the creators are taking the piss.

So, while I do love the latest season of Doctor Who, and think the storytelling is brilliant, I’m just asking. Can we please now pretend the sonic shades were just a joke and go back to what was better?

Meanwhile, until they do, watch Jenna Coleman bigging up the sonic shades in the video below. Nope. Not impressed.

Michelle Topham

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