Does Donald Trump have dementia? He shouted at imaginary people during ‘Get Me Roger Stone’ interview

Does Donald Trump have dementia? He shouted at imaginary people during ‘Get Me Roger Stone‘ interview

While I am one of the many millions of people in the United States who has been convinced for a long time Donald Trump has dementia, it took Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough to come out on TV this week and actually inform the American public that he does.

On Thursday morning, Scarborough responded to a Trump tweet laughing over the firing of NBC’s Matt Lauer for inappropriate sexual behavior at work, saying “Will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the ‘unsolved mystery’ that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate.”

This in reference to a fake news report that Scarborough was responsible for an intern’s death at his district office back in 2001.

He wasn’t. The young intern, 28-year-old Lori Klausutis, had a heart complaint and had problems with her heart while at her desk, hitting her head on the table as she slumped over and subsequently dying. It’s all in the coroner’s report.

Scarborough responded to the president’s ‘fake news’ tweet by saying ““people close to him during the campaign told me he had early stages of dementia”.

He then went on to talk about the recent New York Post story saying Trump is “mentally unfit” to be president.

So, it should also come as no surprise to anyone that the directors of the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone seem to be corroborating what Scarborough says about Donald Trump having dementia as, while in an interview with Trump earlier in the year, they say Trump shouted at imaginary people in another room.

Director Daniel DiMauro explained, “There was no one in the other room. He was yelling at an imaginary person, blaming them for making noise for his misspeaking. We think it’s representative of what kind of person Trump really is inside. He’s someone who could never admit a mistake and has to blame someone else for some sort of failure.”

I don’t know about shouting at imaginary people in other room being indicative of him not being able to admit to a mistake, but it is definitely indicative that Trump has dementia.

After all, no mentally competent person would blame an imaginary person that is obviously not there for a mistake they made, would they?

Then again, it could have been Trump’s imaginary friend ‘Jim’ he was shouting at.

Get Me Roger Stone has qualified for Oscar consideration and is currently available to watch on Netflix.

As for Donald Trump, the signs of his dementia are increasing daily. Read his Twitter account and watch his long, rambling incoherent ‘speeches’ if you want more proof.

Michelle Topham