Does George Clooney Prank His Wife Amal? (Video)

george clooney on the ellen show

Actor George Clooney is known as one of the biggest pranksters in Hollywood. So bad is he that he and Brad Pitt had an ongoing feud for a long time, with each trying to out prank the other.

Nowadays, though, Clooney says he’s growing out of playing pranks. Or at least that’s what he told Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show this week.


And when Ellen asked Clooney if he pranks his wife, Amal, his answer was interesting too.

“No, no, no, no, no”, Clooney answered. “No, she tries war criminals. I could end up in at the Hague somehow.”

But does Amal prank Clooney?

On that the answer was “No” as well. “I think we have a peaceful detante when it comes to that”.

But, George Clooney hanging up his prankster hat didn’t stop him from showing Ellen what he had planned on doing to her on her show that day, if she scared him like she does with most of her guests. And it would have been funny if he had.

Watch Clooney on pranks on The Ellen Show below to find out his dastardly plan.


Michelle Topham