Don’t Miss Big Fish Games’ $4.99 Presidents’ Day Sale

If you still have a list of Big Fish Games you want, today is the day to buy them, as it’s the last day of BFG’s Presidents’ Day $4.99 sale.

All day, you will get any game on BFG (excluding Collector’s Editions, of course) for only $4.99, and that includes Deluxe Editions. Less than 10 bucks and you can buy two brand new games. Sale ends at midnight.

I have my eye on The Last Express (can’t believe I’ve still never played this) and The Blackwell Legacy (love the big file games) and will hopefully pick them up before the end of the day.

I also recently played City of Secrets, which is highly rated and, I think, one of the best games on the site.


If you like playing games in a series, there is also the Mystery Tracker series of games, the Grim Tales series and, of course, the Mystery Tales games.

To get the $4.99 price tag, you just have to use the code FELIX at checkout. Just don’t go crazy. Or..yeah, sure you can.

Michelle Topham