Double Fine Can’t Deliver Broken Age on Time: Steam Early Access Will Get Half

It’s honestly any wonder most video games ever get finished at all, especially when you see some of the idiots that are running video game development companies these days. Look at Tim Schafer at Double Fine for instance. Supposedly a ‘god’ in the indie developer world, Schafer managed to raised over $3.3 million on Kickstarter for a Double Fine adventure game, Broken Age, last year. He now says the money wasn’t enough, and Double Fine can’t deliver Broken Age on time. You’ve gotta love the cheek.

In fact, not only does Tim Schafer say Double Fine can’t deliver Broken Age on time, they’re now planning on releasing just half of it — on Steam Early Access.

That means, if you were one of the thousands of Kickstarter backers who ponied up money for a full adventure game that was DRM_free, as promised, unless Schafer means the DRM-free PC version will also be released at the same time, you may just be shit out of luck.


But seriously, Tim Schafer? Half a game?

Double Fine Excuses for Delivering Half a Game

And as for the sad and sorry excuse for this pathetic release of Broken Age?

According to Schafer, he was just simply too ambitious about the game once the $3.3 million rolled in and designed a massive game that…..wait for it……is going to require even more money to finish.

For the love of freaking god, why are so many video game developers so mutherfreaking stupid?


So, what is Double Fine planning on doing about the mess you might ask? Again, Tim Schafer…..

“So we have been looking for ways to improve our project’s efficiency while reducing scope where we could along the way. All while looking for additional funds from bundle revenue, ports, etc. But when we finished the final in-depth schedule recently it was clear that these opportunistic methods weren’t going to be enough.”

So What is Tim Schafer Really Saying About Broken Age and Double Fine’s Finances?

In other words, they’re up the proverbial creek without a mutherfreaking paddle. So, they’ve decided to release just half of Broken Age on Steam Early Access sometime in early 2014. If you want to play the rest of the game, however, you’ll have to wait for the free update later on in the year, which will net you the rest of the game.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

As one of my friends so perfectly put it – Double Fine? More like Double Fail.


Michelle Topham