Druid Essentials Skyrim Mod: 3 Staffs, Full Druid Armour and Home (Video)

The Druid Essentials Skyrim mod is an awesome addition to the game for anyone who is looking for enhanced gameplay as it adds new druid armour and weapons and, of course, 25 new spells. It even adds a druid home. What’s even more interesting about the Druid Essentials Skyrim mod is that it’s been designed with the real history of the druids in mind, and isn’t just the ‘Hollywood druid design’, so it’s much more authentic than any other druid mod you’ll find.

To get started as a druid, you’ll first need to go to your druid home. Seeing as how the mod is meant to be more authentic, you won’t get any fancy druid home here, as that’s not how druids in history lived. Instead, you’ll find a modest home built inside a tree.

Inside the home, there’s your entire druid armour along with the druid Combat Staff, a very cool weapon that can block and bash. Don’t forget to check the cave behind the home as well, as that’s where you’ll find a seating area and your crafting station.

For more on the Druid Essentials Skyrim mod, check out the Brodual video below as the British brothers have done an excellent job showing off all the mod’s features. As usual, you can download this amazing Druid Essentials mod at Skyrim Nexus.

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Michelle Topham