Duchess of Cambridge Has a New Stylist: Shorter Hemlines Abound


If you’ve recently noticed the Duchess of Cambridge (aka the former Katherine Middleton, and wife to Prince William), is looking even trendier than usual, according to Vanity Fair, you wouldn’t be mistaken. That’s because Kate has allowed her new stylist and personal assistant, the lovely Natasha Archer, to find her dresses and skirts with shorter hemlines, as well as to experiment with some different looks.


Interesting too, as the Duchess of Cambridge is currently 15 weeks pregnant, yet is proving you don’t have to look frumpy when you’re expecting a baby.

In fact, she looks fabulous.

What’s lovely about Katherine too is, no matter which style she’s currently favoring at the moment, she always manages to look elegant, chic and tastefully dressed — and makes you want to look just like her.

Look how gorgeous Kate looked last week, for instance, in this amazing black dress. British fashion magazines called it ‘taking baby bumps to new style heights’. Yep. Lovely.


Michelle Topham