Duchess of Cambridge to Visit London’s National Portrait Gallery February 11th


Buckingham Palace has announced the first official engagement of 2014 for the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Catherine Middleton. She will be visiting London’s National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday, February 11th, for a reception and a gala dinner.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the National Portrait Gallery event has been designed to shine a spotlight on what the gallery is currently doing, as well as to help raise money to continue to fund the running of the gallery and all that entails.

Interestingly, one of the last times the Duchess was at the National Portrait Gallery was to see her first official portrait being unveiled. Painted by Paul Emsley, it has become so popular at the gallery that the gift shop has a hard time keeping postcards of the painting in stock.

If you’re as big of a fan of the Duchess of Cambridge as we are, you might want to stake out a place on February 11th on the pavement outside the National Portrait Gallery. That way you’ll have a chance to see the Duchess in her first official engagement of the year, as well as admire the beautiful dress she will likely be wearing.

Michelle Topham