Duchess of Cambridge’s Baby Shower a Family Affair: Pippa and James Organize


While the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Catherine Middleton, has done an amazing job becoming a traditional British royal in such a short time, there are some things she still does that are a little more modern.

One of them, according to her sister Pippa Middleton, is going to be to have a baby shower. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge will not only be the first royal to ever have a baby shower, her baby shower is also going to be a completely family affair.

That, of course, is because sister Pippa, a professional party planner herself, is organizing the whole affair. Brother James, who is a baker, will make the cake. How lovely is that?

Catherine’s baby shower will apparently take place at her parents’ home in Berkshire sometime in the next couple of weeks. No better place for it, I’d say.

There’s no word, however, if the Queen has been invited, although it is being reported Catherine has her “blessing” for the event. That’s not particularly surprising, however, as Catherine and the Queen have always seemed to be quite close, with the general opinion being Catherine is extremely well liked.

As for the baby, the one person that is the most important in all of this, he or she is due in July. Not long now. How exciting.

Michelle Topham