Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) Attend Sydney Opera House Reception


Not only were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as our much loved William and Katherine, a huge hit in New Zealand last week, they seem to be wowing the Aussies as well.

William and Katherine and their baby son Prince George arrived in Australia yesterday on a Royal Australian Air Force plane to a warm welcome from local dignitaries including Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The royal couple were then taken to the Sydney Opera House by limousine for a formal reception, where they were met by enormous, sometimes screaming, crowds of Australians all craning to get a glimpse of the pair.


Australian morning TV was also crammed full of William and Katherine news including glowing reviews of her gorgeous figure-hugging yellow dress.

So, for all the talk that sometimes comes from Republicans in Australia when it comes to the British royal family, it seems a huge percentage of the Australian public doesn’t agree with them. Including many of Australia’s young people who, in a recent poll, said in overwhelming numbers that they didn’t want a Republic in Australia.

Not when it comes to a visit to Australia from William and Katherine and the future King George anyway. And that’s lovely to hear.



Michelle Topham