Dynamic Loot Skyrim Mod: Enchanted Weapons, Epic Armour, Potions and More


Bored with the loot you’re getting in Skryim? No worries. There’s a cool mod recently released called the Dynamic Loot Skyrim mod, which will not only make the loot you find a lot more unpredictable, it will also add hundreds of new items to your game.

What’s very cool about the Dynamic Loot Skyrim mod is, once you’ve killed an enemy, the things you find on their bodies will be far more interesting and unique than previously. Things like spell books, potions, ingredients and other unique items will now be there to loot.

Enemies too carry specific loot, so while a vampire or a human might carry certain types of loot, other enemies won’t.

The Dynamic Loot Skyrim mod is also customizable, which means you can decide some of the things enemies will drop before you start your game — getting rid of some of the weirder loot and increasing or decreasing the drop rate.

The mod also includes a massive number of enchanted armours and weapons (more than 800, the mod developer says), which means you could end up with some pretty amazing armour and weapons quite quickly if the enemy you kill is wearing it. And, if you’re looking for rare or epic armour, this mod may just provide it for you.

For more on the Dynamic Loot Skyrim mod, check out the as-always fabulous Brodual video on the mod below. You can download Dynamic Loot at Skyrim Nexus.

Michelle Topham