Dynamic Vampire Appearance Skyrim Mod Creates Realistic 4 Stages of Vampirism

The Dynamic Vampire Appearance Skyrim mod makes your vamps a lot more realistic

Want your Skyrim vampire characters to look a little more realistic? Then you really need to download and install the new Dynamic Vampire Appearance Skyrim mod. That’s because it adds graphics to the game so that all the different stages of actually becoming a vampire are shown.

The change from a human-looking character to full vampire goes through four stages. Each stage not only makes your character look different, but it also has different effects that go along with it – resistances to frost or sunlight, for instance.

On top of that, you’ll also have access to different spells and abilities as each new stage begins.


What’s interesting about the Dynamic Vampire Appearance Skyrim mod, however, is the way it makes your character look during each stage.

At the first stage, you look as human as it’s possible to look. When your character begins to change into a vampire, however, the second stage begins and he or she will start to look gaunt. During the third stage, the gauntness increases but is still subtle enough that it looks quite real, and it’s only in the fourth stage when the full effects of vampirism take place.

Check out the as-always excellent Brodual video below for more information on the Dynamic Vampire Appearance Skyrim mod, and then download it at the usual place.

Michelle Topham