Ed Sheeran Sings ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Live at BBC Music Awards Backstage (Video)

ed sheeran thinking out loud live BBC music awards


Ed Sheeran sang ‘Thinking Out Loud’ live backstage at the BBC Music Awards this week and, man, was he good. That’s because, even if half the time he just stands there, Sheeran has such emotion behind every song he sings, he’s always amazing.

Plus, when you listen to his voice, as he stands there strumming his guitar, Ed Sheeran sounds just as incredible as he does on his albums. Proving, once and for all, there’s not much manipulation done in the studio with this guy. No need.

Listen to Ed Sheeran singing ‘Thinking Out Loud‘ live backstage at the BBC Music Awards. Epic, eh?



Michelle Topham