Elizabeth Banks Says Hunger Games’ Effie is Stylish, Theatrical and Fun to Play (Video)

elizabeth banks on playing effie


Actress Elizabeth Banks says playing Effie in ‘The Hunger Games‘ movies was the role she really wanted to play. She loves Effie’s sense of style, her theatricality, the fact that beauty really matters to her — all things Banks likes and believes in herself.

In fact, Elizabeth Banks loved the character of Effie so much she really “fought to play Effie”, contacting the director Gary Ross, and saying “I would love to be Effie. Let me be Effie. I wasn’t even cool about it. I was like, dude, hire me.”

For more on what Elizabeth Banks thinks about Effie, along with how even her mannerisms contribute to how she looks like and sounds, watch the ODE video below.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is in movie theaters in the US and Europe starting next week.

Michelle Topham