Ella Henderson is Delaying Her Album So She Can Play British Gigs and Enjoy the UK (Video)

ella henderson fusion festival

Ella Henderson was at the Fusion Festival in Birmingham, England this weekend and had a fabulous time. According to Ella, the festival was “incredible”. She loved the atmosphere, the noise of the crowds, singing on the stage — everything.

Ella also talked about what it was like having a number one single with “Ghost”. She said she was so proud of herself and her team and all the work they’ve achieved and, since then, things have only gotten better. That ‘better’ has included a huge amount of international travel, something she’s loving doing.

When asked about the release of her debut album, the British singer said they’ve pushed the release date back a little bit because of the massive amounts of traveling she’s been doing. She wants to spend a little bit more time in the UK, play some British gigs, and really get settled back in the UK before the album is released and the craziness starts all over again.


Good decision, Ella, I’d say.

For more on the lovely and talented Ella Henderson, watch the ODE interview video below. And then watch the official video of “Ghost” below that so you’ll figure out quickly, no wonder she’s doing so well.

Michelle Topham