Ella Henderson Sings “Ghost” Live on David Letterman: Perfect (Video)

ella henderson ghost live david letterman



Britain’s Ella Henderson sang her single “Ghost” live on David Letterman last night and, man, did she give a perfect performance.

Then again, it’s Ella Henderson. When did she not give a flawless live performance. Every performance is, and her voice is always incredible.

What is even more interesting to me is so many singers aren’t particularly great live, so some audiences seem particularly surprised when Ella Henderson gets up on stage and belts out songs the way she does.

With a perfect voice, and the deepest of emotion.

As for ‘Ghost‘, the track is such a powerful song, that it was just about guaranteed a number one place the minute it was released.

Which, of course, it grabbed — during the first week of the song’s release.

2014 was a fabulous year for Ella Henderson, with live appearances on The Ellen Show, at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, and live on Top of the Pops on New Year’s Eve to name just a few.

Now with David Letterman last night, 2015 is getting off to a very good start as well.

Listen to Ella Henderson sing ‘Ghost‘ live on Late Show with David Letterman below.

Isn’t that a knockout performance? Yep. I know. It’s Ella.