Watch Ella Henderson’s Amazing X-Factor UK Audition – she will make you cry

ella henderson x factor uk

In a look back at one of the phenomenal auditions for X-Factor UK, I am featuring British singer Ella Henderson’s amazing X-Factor UK audition, an audition that took place in 2012 and that was one of the best talent show auditions I have ever seen.

On her X-Factor Audition, Ella sang a song she wrote to say goodbye to her grandfather, who had died when she was younger.

He was the one that always supported her, always told her “Don’t let anyone stand in your way”, and the person she was the closest to.

So, when she arrived on stage and began to sing, you could tell not only did Ella Henderson have an incredible voice, especially for someone who was only 16, but that this song really meant something to her.

Ella Henderson, of course, went on to be thought of as one of the possible winners of X-Factor UK.

That she didn’t win is, to this day, a sore point with many of her fans, who thought she was eliminated from the competition unfairly.

Since then, however, Henderson has released her debut studio album, Chapter One, which hit the top spot in both the UK and Scotland, as well as charted high in 14 other countries including the United States.

So now that the British singer is heading rapidly towards superstardom, it is nice to look back at Ella Henderson’s X-Factor UK audition, and see how far she has come since then.

But, be warned. She will probably make you cry.


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