Ellen Responds to Anti-Gay Pastor About Her ‘Gay Agenda’: Hilarious (Video)

ellen on her gay agenda


Ellen spent her monologue on Wednesday morning responding to a charge of ‘promoting a gay agenda’ from an anti-gay ‘pastor’ (and yes, I’m sorry, but you’re not a pastor to me if you’re anti-gay, you’re a hateful homophobe and against everything Christianity teaches). And, boy, was it funny.

The pastor, Pastor Larry Tomczak, wrote an article for the Christian Post last week in which he called out Hollywood for promoting a ‘gay agenda’ and Ellen in particular with a bemusing sentence in which he said, “Ellen DeGeneres celebrates her lesbianism and ‘marriage’ in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls”. (I wonder if Taylor knows she’s only on a TV show to attract young girls to lesbianism? Bet it’s news to her too).


So Ellen decided to break down Larry Tomczak’s comments by first of all mentioning her marriage didn’t need any quotes around it as, she wasn’t “married’ just ……….married.

Watch Ellen responding to this anti-gay pastor in her monologue video below. Who, by the way, has already posted her video to his website (and, no, I’m not linking to it, he doesn’t deserve the views), along with a promise of a rebuttal. “Yawn” to him and an “I do hope you respond” for Ellen. I’d love the laugh.

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Michelle Topham