Ellie Kemper is Pregnant But Hates People Looking at Her Baby Bump (Video)

ellie kemper baby bump

The cute and funny Ellie Kemper was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday where she confessed that, yep, she’s pregnant. With her first.


Of course, it being Ellen, the conversation then descended into Ellie Kemper’s baby bump and how, when it started to show, people would give her “knowing looks”, as if to say “I know your secret”, without actually asking her if she was pregnant.

But, it wasn’t just the knowing looks that drove Kemper crazy. Instead it was the ‘double-standard’. The fact that men have baby bumps all the time and nobody gives them a knowing look about their “secret”. The secret being? “You ate too many Cheetos”.

Watch Ellie Kemper talking about her baby bump in the video below. And don’t you think she’s going to make just the cutest, funniest mom?