Elton John is Rebuying Vinyl Records After Selling His Collection for Charity in 1991


elton john jimmy kimmel live

Sir Elton John was on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ this week to promote his new album Wonderful Crazy Night, and where he talked about selling all his vinyl records to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation back in 1991. Nowadays, however, John says he has started buying vinyl again. He plays it at home and, as he pointed out, just about everybody releases their albums on vinyl again too, so it is easy to find.

John also explained why he loves vinyl so much. “It’s the experience. It’s the ritual of looking at the sleeve, getting the album out, putting it on, listening to five tracks, and then getting up and turning it over. And it sounds so different”. Yep. I remember how great that used to feel.

Then, as he was talking about music, Sir Elton went one step further and complimented Jimmy Kimmel’s band, Cleto and the Cletones, saying, “By the way, can I just say, you have the best band I’ve ever heard on a show like this. And there are some great bands around, but this one kicks ass”.

And, yep, the band was thrilled.

John went on to recommend Jimmy Kimmel get French band Christine and the Queens on his show. “They’re amazing. She’s a French girl.”

Kimmel said he’d look into it, although I’m not sure how much chance Christine and the Queens have of making it onto Jimmy Kimmel Live!¬†any time soon, as he is now apparently looking for someone called¬†‘Christina McQueen’.

Watch Elton John on Jimmy Kimmel in the video below. And, if you’d like his upcoming album Wonderful Crazy Night (and it’s his 33rd studio album, and few artists can boast of that kind of number), it’s currently available for pre-order and releases on February 5th.