Emilia Clarke Looks Gorgeous on Cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK July 2016

It seems like British actress Emilia Clarke is everywhere nowadays. On TV, in movies, in videos, in fashion spreads, on the radio — you name it, she’s doing it. Not that I’m complaining, as she’s sweet, funny, interesting and beautiful and is always fascinating to see.

The latest place Emilia Clarke has shown up this week is on the cover ofย Harper’s Bazaar UK, for their July, 2016 edition, where she appears leaning against a deckchair on the beach, wearing a lovely Dior summer dress, while looking all the while like the quintessential English girl.

And, in true Emilia Clarke fashion, the actress Instagrammed about her latest magazine cover — showing off the Harper’s Bazaar cover itself, as well as leaving one of her usual cute comments:
“Well well well…. Just in the nick of time for @mebeforeyouofficialย hits a screen bigger than your iPhones on Friday…. @bazaaruk go ahead and put me on the best of British edition! Tip tip tally Ho this @dior dress sure does make me feel every ounce a lady..”

Yep, it certainly does.

As for her comment about Me Before You, that’s in reference to Clarke’s new movie, which shows up in theaters tomorrow, June 3rd. Don’t know about you, but I’ll be going to see it.

Michelle Topham