Emily Blunt Became an American Citizen, Asked If She Had Ever Been a Prostitute (Video)

emily blunt american citizenship

The fabulous British actress Emily Blunt (God, I love this woman) has just done something that I did a few years ago. Become an American citizen.


Blunt was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week where she talked about becoming a US citizen. Not so successfully at first, I must admit, as much of the American audience didn’t seem to quite understand she was joking when, in response to Kimmel saying, “Americans feel like the British look down their noses at us”, Blunt replied. “Oh we do. We’re better than you.”

Blunt is absolutely right about one thing, though. Studying for and taking the US citizenship test, before you can become a citizen, is an extremely difficult thing to do, as they expect you to know the most bizarre things about American culture and American history. Things most Americans would never actually know. (How many justices are on the Supreme Court? Anyone? Anyone?)

But I have absolutely no idea what Emily Blunt is talking about when she said she was asked if she was “an habitual drunkard” or if she had “ever been a prostitute”, as I know darn well nobody asked me any questions like that when I took my American citizenship.

But Emily Blunt is hilariously funny and very smart when she’s talking about becoming an American. Just like she always is.

Watch her below. Isn’t she great?

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