Emma Stone and Colin Firth Talk About ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ – Heightened and Beautiful (Video)

colin firth emma stone magic in the moonlight

Emma Stone and Colin Firth were with ODE Channel this week to talk about their latest movie ‘Magic in the Moonlight’. when asked how they would talk about the movie to try to persuade people to go, Colin Firth’s response was lovely.

“It’s taking you on a virtual journey into a world that’s heightened and beautiful and playing with the idea of magic in its different forms – whether it’s theater craft, or just falling in love, or people finding things they don’t expect………If you’re in the mood for something which has a light, clever, highly pleasing dexterity to it — it certainly worked for me. And I’ve only ever liked about three things I’ve done in my life”.

Come on, you have to go and see a movie when Colin Firth says that.


And then, of course, when he starts to go on about why he would never want to know what the future holds…..Yep, you can see why people like him so much.

Watch Emma Stone and Colin Firth talk about “Magic in the Moonlight’ below. They made me want to go and see it.

Michelle Topham