Emma Stone Shows Off Her Pogo Stick Skills For the First Time Since Age 11 — and Yes, It’s Exhausting (Video(

When it comes to famous celebrities, many of them have secret talents that may not be related to the thing they are famous for. Take the kooky and cool actress Emma Stone for instance.

She just confessed to Vanity Fair magazine that she is an expert on the pogo stick. And then she showed them. Complete with instructions of how to get on, how to balance and how to bounce.

The funny thing was, though, as Stone admitted, she hadn’t actually been on a pogo stick since she was eleven years old.

On top of that, as she admitted, “I can only go in a circle. I’m not sure how to not go in a circle, so if you need any more information you’re going to have to ask someone whose pogo sticked all their lives”.

Then she imparted a ‘fun fact’. “When you’re an adult doing a pogo stick”, she said breathlessly, “it’s kind of like an extreme form of exercise. When you’re a child, it just feels like childs play”.

Yep, Emma. It’s pretty much like that with anything over the age of 18. What you used to find so easy to do as a child now just about kills you.

What the quirky Emma Stone on her pogo stick in the video below. And I’m impressed, as I could never use pogo sticks properly when I was a child either. How about you?

Michelle Topham