Emma Watson Gets Cute New Pixie Haircut

emma watson pixie cut

Emma Watson, one of the world’s highest paid actresses and still only 20 years old, just got a new haircut. Much more extreme than her usual shoulder-length hair, Watson this time went for a short pixie cut and it looks so cute.

Of course, Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, is gorgeous so any hairstyle would suit her, but the pixie cut is adorable.

It’s also a style Watson has been wanting for a while. Since she was 16 in fact.


But, while still filming the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, Watson had to stick with the long hair that character is known for.

The last film finally wrapped, though, and it’s now up to Watson what she decides to do with her hair. At least until she gets another movie part. So, yep, a short Emma Watson pixie cut it is.

Michelle Topham