Enrique Iglesias ‘Bailando’ – Romantic and Dance Worthy : Today’s Repeat Rotation Video

bailando enrique iglesias spanish version flamenco cuban

We’re starting a second new feature this week that spotlights music. Along with our ‘Best Live Performance’ video, which will pop up randomly whenever we find anything worth pointing out to you, we’re also adding a daily ‘Today’s Repeat Rotation Video – a video we feel is worth listening to 10 times a day, 50 times a day, 300 times a day, it really is that great.

We’re kicking off our ‘Today’s Repeat Rotation Video’ with one that came to my attention just a few days ago. A video that I’ve since been playing, and dancing to, every chance I get.

It’s the Spanish language version of ‘Bailando’ from Enrique Iglesias – as it’s not only fabulously romantic (come on, which Spanish language song isn’t?), it’s also completely ‘dance worthy’ and, yep, with the added bonus that Enrique Iglesias is hot.

Add into that mix an amazing Cuban flamenco dance troupe and the video to Bailando is SIZZLING. No wonder I’ve been listening to it, and watching it, practically non-stop.

Bailando also features Cuban reggaeton group Gente D’ Zona and Cuban singer Descemer Bueno. It was filmed in the Dominican Republic and is from Iglesias’ latest studio album ‘Sex and Love’.

By the way, if you love the video, you can buy the whole ‘Sex and Love’ album on most major digital music platforms online.

Now, get watching it and add it to your repeat rotations. It’s awesome.