Episode 3 trailer of ’10 Puppies and Us’ proves some people should not own a dog (video)

Episode 3 trailer of ‘10 Puppies and Us‘ proves some people should not own a dog

If you want to watch a show that will utterly infuriate you, make you scream loudly at the TV as you watch what clueless people are doing, and vow you need to get your own puppy so you can show how them how it’s done, watch BBC Two’s new show 10 Puppies and Us.

Because not only does this show follow 10 owners of new puppies as they go about their daily lives, but it proves without a doubt why a huge percentage of people should never own a dog, let alone a puppy that needs to be trained.

So far, 10 Puppies and Us has shown up an owner who insisted on taking her dog out for its first outing in the car when it obviously wasn’t ready for that — and then had to put up with it throwing up in the back seat. We have also seen another new puppy owner who keeps his new dog locked up in a cage for most of the day (no, you really should never own a dog!), and then wonders why it tries to escape.

This upcoming week, in episode 3 of 10 Puppies and Us, we are going to be treated to Delia who has just bought a Leonberger puppy called Maple. (And why do people buy puppies when there are so many puppies in shelters needing homes?). A dog breed she probably also does not know is a ‘giant breed’, meaning little Maple is going to get very very big.

Puppy toilet training is the subject of part of this episode.

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A subject Delia, apparently, does not have a clue about as she lets poor Maple wander round her apartment without anything to keep her occupied, resulting in her peeing and pooping in several spots. Including the carpet in Delia’s bedroom.

Watch the trailer for episode 3 of the BBC’s 10 Puppies and Us below. ¬†Although I’m not sure I can watch another episode as it just gets me so riled up.

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