Erin Andrews’ Positive Attitude Could Teach You a Thing or Two (Video)

erin andrews


Sports commentator and TV personality Erin Andrews has gone through a lot in the last few years. Not only did she have a stalker videotaping her nude in her hotel room and then posting the videos on the internet (he was caught and eventually served time in jail), when she sued Marriott International for invasion of privacy and negligence, Marriott then started a campaign of legal harassment against her. (And, no, I will never stay at another Marriott Hotel).


But, being the upbeat and positive person Erin Andrews seems to be, she’s just gotten on with her life and career, does better and better with everything she does, and always seems to be making the best of all that’s thrown at her.

You’ll see that from her new People Chatter video, where she has to pick questions to answer out of a jar. One of them asks “In honour of Taylor Swift, what do you want to shake off right now?”. Her reply? “Haters on social media”.

Good attitude, Erin. Negativity gets you nowhere, and actually listening to negativity anonymous strangers spew online? Absolutely no point.

Find out what else Erin Andrews had to say in the ODE video below. And if you’d like to comment about Erin Andrews’ fabulous attitude or anything else about the lovely journalist, hit the comment box at the bottom of the page. Just be warned before you hit ‘Post’, we don’t ‘do’ negativity here either.

Michelle Topham