Eternal Boys’ ‘Eternal’ is fun, upbeat and catchy – these middle-aged idols can really sing, eh?

I began watching the new idol anime Eternal Boys yesterday, and immediately binge-watched all 12 episodes released so far (and no, it’s not available on any legal streaming platform in my region yet, so I had to go the dodgy route and use a VPN. Damned annoying!).

And let me just say, if you are interested in idol groups, and enjoy anime music, the Eternal Boys anime is a winner.


Even if the idols are in their 30s and 40s, and don’t have the fresh looks young boys do, although frankly, I still think they are cute.

After all, the anime features interesting characters, most of whom have touching reasons for joining a middle-aged guys idol group.

Reasons that often mean their lives were heading down a not-so-great path, until an entertainment group saved them by having them become idols.

The art style is also nice, the plot is well-told, and moves along quickly (it has to be to fit in a 15-minute episode), and the voice acting by seasoned Japanese actors is superb.

You can also easily empathize with the men in Eternal Boys, as many people also get to middle-age and realize they just aren’t happy with what has happened in their lives.

Along with all of this, Eternal Boys features some pretty decent idol-style songs. Including ‘Eternal‘, the first single the Eternal Boys idol group has released so far.

That song came out on all major streaming platforms yesterday, along with the stage performance clip of ‘Eternal‘ from Episode 7 of the anime series, and it is fun, upbeat, catchy and pretty addictive.

Now, if we can only get the actual anime released in the west properly, instead of having to watch it in a dodgy fashion, wouldn’t that be nice?

Watch the just released stage performance clip of ‘Eternal‘ by Eternal Boys below, then listen to the song in full on the Spotify player below that.

I like it so much, I think I have heard it 20 times today already.