Eurovision 2016 Big 5 and Sweden Have Some of the Competition’s Best Songs (Video)

amir jai cherche france eurovision

Now, I’m not a gigantic fan of most of the songs from Eurovision 2016, as a huge majority are of the ‘been-there-seen-that’ variety, or they’re just plain terrible.


I have to admit, though, if you look at my Top 10 list for Eurovision 2016, there are quite a few good songs on it but it wasn’t until today, when I watched the official Eurovision Recap of the Big 5 and Sweden songs, that it dawned on me most of them are from Big 5 countries.

The Big 5, of course, are France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, and Sweden is this year’s Eurovision host.

And, out of all six countries, the only song I think is not up to a high Eurovision standard is the United Kingdom. And, yep, I’m British, so I’m definitely allowed to say that.

As for the other five, France is sending a fabulously catchy and gloriously happy dance song with Amir’s ‘J’ai cherché‘.

Germany’s Jamie-Lee is singing ‘Ghost and it’s quirky, cool and very memorable,

Italy’s Francesca Michielin’s ‘No Degree of Separation is everything I imagine when you think of Italian romantic pop songs.

Barei from Spain has ‘Say Yay!, and it’s another foot-tappingly fabulous dance number and, of course, Sweden’s Frans with ‘If I Were Sorry is so wonderfully indie-sounding and radio-friendly, and his voice is so cool, it’s been on repeat since I first heard it.

Watch all of my five Big 5 plus Sweden favorites in the video below and, of course, the UK’s entry as well, because, you never know, you might think differently than I do.