Fallout 76 prices drop by 50 percent as majority of gamers and critics hate the Bethesda game

Fallout 76 is a broken, buggy disaster — no wonder nobody wants to buy it

Fallout 76, Bethesda’s latest video game release, is looking like even more of a disaster than it did when it was released just over a week ago. This time, because Fallout 76 prices have dropped by up to 50 percent in just a few days.


Because both gamers and critics hate the game, some PC gamers are already asking for refunds, and few people actually want to buy the multi-player action adventure game at all.


Fallout 76 prices are plummeting

In fact, in both the UK and the U.S., various digital video game sellers have already dropped the prices of Fallout 76 by 30 percent this week.

In Germany, it is even worse news for Bethesda as Amazon Germany has dropped the price to a very low €29.99 in the last 24 hours. And Saturn, a major German and Austrian retailer, has cut Fallout 76‘s price by even more than 50 percent.

Then again, when a huge number of fans told Bethesda they did not want a Fallout game with only a multi-player option for gameplay and the developer went ahead with it anyway, and media outlets like Eurogamer called Fallout 76 a “bizarre, boring, broken mess”, it really should not be a surprise the game has ended up being this much of a disaster for the American developer.

In other words, if you are one of the few people that still want to buy Fallout 76, you may just want to wait a little bit longer before you do.

After all, with Fallout 76 prices dropping this quickly, they are only going to drop even further in coming months. In other words, wait long enough, and you will probably get the game for free.


If you want to know everything that is wrong with the game so you can see why Fallout 76 prices are dropping so fast, watch the excellent video from Funhaus below as they point out every bad thing about this terrible game.

And explain why they believe Bethesda should never have released it in the first place.

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Michelle Topham