Falskaar: The 25-Hour Skyrim Expansion Mod Made by a 19-Year Old (Video)

Falksgaar: the 25-hour Skyrim mod made by a 19-year-old

As we all know, there are those in the gaming community who waste hours every week putting down games, developers, designers and other creative talent. And there are others, like 19-year-old Alexander J. Velicky, who spent a year of his life creating a new Skyrim mod — Falskaar.

The¬†Falskaar Skyrim expansion mod is 25-hours plus long, and includes a new land mass a third of the size of the vanilla game, new characters, a new storyline and 26 quests. While more than 100 others contributed voice acting, original music and a couple of books, Alexander J. Velicky designed the entire Falkskaar mod, created all the content, wrote more than 10,000 lines of dialogue and put it together — by himself.


In fact, while some are calling Falskaar a Skyrim ‘mod’, it’s really not. It’s an entire Skyrim expansion. A Skyrim expansion that, at Bethesda, would require an entire team of people to produce. But Falskaar was created by a teenager in his bedroom. How cool is that?

Who is Alexander J. Velicky?

According to a story on the Falskaar mod by PCGamer, Alexander J. Velicky is just a 19-year-old who wants a job at Bethesda. So, instead of going to design school and submitting the usual resume, Velicky decided to apply for a Bethesda job the more unusual way. By showing Bethesda exactly what he could do — with little training at all.

Velicky spent a year on the mod, while living with his dad rent-free. That allowed him to put all his time and effort into the Falskaar mod, rather than having to take a low-level job just to pay his basic bills and, thus, taking time away from Falskaar.

Now Falskaar is finished, he’s waiting for Bethesda’s response. And, if what I’ve seen of the Falskaar expansion mod is anything to go by, the response from Bethesda should be a positive one.

Where can you download Falskaar?

The Falskaar Skyrim mod is completely free and is downloadable from Skyrim Nexus. Once installed, you’ll enter Falskaar from a massive dungeon. From there, you’ll play a full 25-hour plus expansion game. Quests in Falskaar include a 9-quest-long main story and 17 side quests.

There’s also an entirely new soundtrack, consisting of 15 original tracks from composer Adamm Khuevrr (and they are beautiful, as you can hear in the OST video below).

All I can say is, if you’re a Skyrim fan and bored with the vanilla game, this new Falskaar DLC mod will not only give you 25 hours more gameplay, you’ll also likely want to replay it again and again, as Velicky really has created a masterpiece.

After all, how many 19-year-olds do you know that can create something as amazing as this? Not many, I’d wager.


Michelle Topham