Felicity Huffman Played Hard to Get with William H. Macy, So He Asked Her to Marry Him 3 Times (Video)

Felicity Huffman played hard to get with husband William H. Macy
The incredible, and delightful, actress Felicity Huffman finally made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week.

The first time she has ever appeared on a show Colbert has been involved with, and only the second time the pair has ever met.

But what was even more wonderful about Felicity Huffman being on Stephen Colbert, other than just being able to see her there, was the story she told about now-husband William H. Macy asking her to marry him. Because, apparently, the poor man had to ask three times before she said “Yes”.

“Why did you do that?”, asked host Colbert. “He seems like a nice fella”.

“Oh he’s the best fella,” replied Huffman. “But I did it because, to tell you the truth, I think women sort of disappear in marriage. For some reason, men’s stock goes up, and I think women tend to disappear.”

“Well, I’m very bullish on Felicity Huffman” joked Stephen Colbert. “I don’t think your stock has gone down at all”.

“How did he take it?” then asked Colbert. After all, for a very successful actor like Macy, it must have been hard.

“His feelings got hurt. And then he got determined.” Huffman explained, and then went on to say “Well, finally what happened was…I knew he was going to be out the door, and I didn’t want to lose this guy. And I said “Yes”, and he said “Great”, and I said “Yes. But we can’t tell people”.

“And he said “No, that’s not okay”. He said “We have to tell people”. And I said, “Okay, we can tell people but I don’t want to wear a ring”. And he said, “No that’s not okay. We have to tell people, and you have to wear a ring”.

“Finally it was like, “Here’s the dress. Here’s the date. Just show up”. And so that’s what she did.

And can I just say, that story should be told to every woman who is desperate for some guy to fall in love with them and ask for their hand in marriage. Because success only usually comes when the guy thinks he is going to lose you.

That is because men, they are hard-wired to chase, and that is what William H. Macy did.

Watch Felicity Huffman on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert below. Isn’t she fabulous? No wonder her husband never gave up.

Michelle Topham

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