First 15 minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay may terrify you (video)

First 15 minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay is terrifying

First 15 minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay may terrify you — it did me

Now I have to admit I’m not very good at playing horror games. Well, I’m fine at playing them, I’m just not good at getting far in them considering they freak me out like you would not believe. So, when I watched the first 15 minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay this morning,and saw the teeny tiniest and innocence of our hero Six, I was already weighing up whether I could actually buy this game because, frankly, it’s disturbing.

That being said,this puzzle platformer horror game is beautifully done with some of the prettiest graphics I’ve seen in a horror game, scary or not. It is also one of those games that pull you in without the need for dialogue. Using instead the lighting, shadows and an ever present sense of foreboding to really make you squirm.

Little Nightmares gameplay

During the first 15 minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay, you will get a sense of how the game works, what you are supposed to do and how you get through the eerie and bizarre world of The Maw.


Gameplay itself is not difficult, and there isn’t any combat, just a need for you to explore the surroundings properly so you can get Six through The Maw as fast as you can before she becomes someone else’s meal.

Critic’s reviews of the game

Critics writing about Little Nightmares are giving the game superb reviews with Destructoid saying,

Little Nightmares could use better pacing, perhaps more build-up in the first chapter, but even in its calmer moments it retains your interest with its macabre world and simple yet goosebumps-inducing gameplay. You constantly feel like a crippled gazelle limping around a lion’s den. I’m excited to watch others play and panic the way I did.”

and Rock, Paper, Shotgun giving it a brilliant review ending with,

“I love it. There were times when I didn’t, mostly when I had to replay a section where I kept failing to line up what looked like a simple jump over and over, but by the end I was smitten. It’s a grotesque, horrid and eventually hopeful in its own morbid fashion, and despite many moments that feel like reimaginings or echoes from elsewhere, it has enough extraordinary images and sequences to stand alone.


It’s precisely the kind of horror game I love – grotesque but not gross, and interested in thoughtful pacing and escalation rather than jumpscares and shocks. Also, linear though it is, there are some collectibles I’d like to hunt for and the whole game is short enough that I’ll happily play it again, or watch someone else playing.”

Watch the first 15 minutes of Little Nightmares gameplay in the IGN video below to see just how beautiful, and freaky, this game is.

From just that alone, I’ve already pre-ordered it for PC on GOG for just $19.99. If you do, by the way, GOG is the only online store also throwing in a copy of Inside for free.

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